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Suspect Held in South Oriental Suppression on Raunchy Video Clips

Cho Joo-bin was implicated in blackmailing young women loads, including a minimum of 16 minors, into making a sexually explicit video of themselves.

SEOUL, South Korea– The South Asian cops asked prosecutors to prosecute a 24-year-old guy on costs. He blackmailed dozens of girls, including a minimum of 16 minors, into making a raunchy video that he marketed online via encrypted chat rooms.

The case has galvanized across the country interest in what females’ rights advocates have called growing trouble in Vintageporno: a network of clandestine online chatrooms that draw young women with assurances of high-paying jobs online afterward exploit them sexually.

Some price quotes in the local news media state that approximately 300,000 paying clients utilize this online chatroom. Operators presume to give custom-made footage for private consumers that frequently consist of exceptionally dehumanizing sex scenes, the authorities say.

The man in the most up-to-date case, Cho Joo-bin, has shared such unlawful video clip footage since late 2018 through members-only chat rooms he operated on Telegram, an encrypted messaging solution preferred in South Korea, the cops said. This may appear uncommon however it matches a broader pattern of actions below. It is regular to rank the looks of one’s acquaintances, specifically women, even to their faces. Young female K-pop idolizers satisfy older guys’ Lolita dreams. Gamers externalize females. Men appreciate spycam as a style of porn.

As he was accompanied from a Seoul police headquarters Wednesday early morning on his method to the prosecutor’s office, Mr. Cho stated, “Thanks for stopping my life as an adversary that I can not quit.” Yet, he did not react when reporters asked him to discuss different criminal charges he dealt with.

The cops did not launch Mr. Cho’s name or a photo of him until Wednesday. South Korea generally safeguards criminal suspects’ identifications to respect their legal rights and that of their loved ones. Yet, it makes exceptions when the charged are public figures or are charged with particularly outrageous criminal activities.


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