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Relationship during pandemic

This is not how I imagined our relationship at the beginning but we adapt, we find our happiness, our balance and we manage to bring a little sweetness in this complicated period.

It all started one day in October 2020, when I logged on to a dating site to locate people near my home. A few days pass and I come across the profile of a charming young man. We start some exchanges, and as the feeling goes well, we decide to communicate via Snapchat?

The exchanges continued for long hours, until the day when one decided to meet despite the confinement. Since that day, we haven’t left each other. it’s not a virus that’s going to get between the two of us, it was clearly fate!

“The pandemic has given us a better understanding”

The year 2020 had started very badly for me: I was in the process of divorce and I wondered if I could one day fall in love again. Seller in a store, I have a lot of regular customers and one day, one of them sends me a message via a social network. He gives me his number, hoping he can get to know me more. I give myself a little time to think, but very quickly, the containment arrives.

I forget this message and do not return to work until early May. I then meet this client and decide to send him a message to go for a drink. That’s where our story began. We have seen ourselves masked, but we do not live together. The pandemic has allowed us to get to know each other better, I think, although it is always a little frustrating to have to defraud a curfew to see each other.

We met on February 15, 2020, for the first time. A month later, the government announced the first strict containment. She lives in Toulouse and I live in Metz, so we call each other and she decides to go 1,000 km to confine herself with me. To this day, she has definitely left the southern sun for the greyness of the North!

Two containments later, we’re still together. It was even or double, winning bet.

As the first confinement began, my companion left me, after ten years at his side. In sadness for days, I strolled on social networks and ended up reconnecting with an acquaintance. We talk for long hours, but we cannot meet physically because of the pandemic. Meanwhile at home, chat with women online.

After a month of discussion, it was a no-brainer: we were together, even without seeing each other. Today, we are still together and are convinced that we were meant to meet.


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